These past few weeks have seen a lull roll over the Future Arenas world, a veritable hive of inactivity.  It’s been a potent combination of a heavy work-load, sickness, and other stresses that has rendered me incapable of considering what to post next.  Don’t feel too sorry for me though as this period has also bought some amazing opportunities and weekend trips through Europe!  I’ve not been hiding in bed with a Maccas meal and binge watching Lost again.  My diagnosis for this dearth of content would be more a lack of anything to say.  Not in the sense that the dreaded writer’s block has arrived in all its glory, I’ve got a few posts on the go and the bunch of songs I’m working on at the moment have arrived fairly frequently.  No, it’s more the disconnection of saying something meaningful to suit what’s been happening in my personal life and the surrounding world.  The analogy I would use might be of a hungry person snacking on a Pain a Chocolat at dinner time.  That’s not to say that the unreleased posts sitting on my laptop are frivolous but I’ve been unable to convert some of my recent work into something easy to share.  That’s partly a time restraint problem, but also some of my scribblings are a touch raw.

So I decided that I would write this little blurb paired with a song that is a palette cleanser of sorts.  It has held a pretty important place in my notebook and came to signify a turning point though it was written in a tumultuous period of my life.  I don’t really subscribe to self-fulfilling prophesy and the act of meditating on an ideal outcome but this song was written in the midst of a very trying and seemingly inescapable trough only to be realised months later in the most reaffirming way.  Maybe I wrote this as a personal plea or even cynically in despair at the situation but when the time came it transcended its origin story.

I feel as if the story itself is irrelevant to the narrative at this stage but that’s probably because I’m reluctant to share it!  The main points revolve around the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen, the discovery of a scene that suits me to a T, and a tent in the middle of a muddy field singing and dancing euphorically with the one I love.  It was a release of sour and damaging emotions to a banging drum beat and eating mouth-watering burgers while we rested our weary legs.  It was this peaceful beach-side community where we felt so at home and far away from all our problems.  This wouldn’t be the end and ultimate solution of all the troubling questions that defined that time period but it was a snapshot of an ending.  It was a week of bliss in a year of hell.

The current climate is different in scope and detail but is no less tumultuous.  I hope the tools are available for everyone this time around and the situations don’t descend into the depths of despair and pain that can seem inescapable and permanent.  Maybe there is something to be learnt in times of turmoil that can be used for the next time but understanding a situation from that point of view can seem pointless and ridiculous.  We humans are also good at blocking out our negative experiences.  As I’ve got older I have really tried to incorporate these experiences into a tapestry that I consult in a crisis with the understanding that this always isn’t possible.  I’m a long way off from rationalising every tragedy and crisis  (spoiler – I’ll never get there) so at the very least I can revisit this song and the moment it symbolises.  Sometimes we just need to dance to our favourite band’s latest banger and appreciate the beauty of a sunset.

Notes:  So the musical structure of this song treads very close to the dreaded generic ukulele  folk-pop song!  My ukulele playing is pretty shoddy but I have been known to play it with my sister’s uke that I stole out of curiosity!  I’m also hoping to broaden my ambitions for this week and post a few of those posts I talked about above.  I haven’t forgotten about the Sound Cloud and YouTube pages as well and hope to get a few things up on those sites in the coming weeks.  Thank you for your continuing patronage and as always, don’t be scared to get in touch!



(capo on fifth fret)


          C                    Am                  Dm                          G7

1/C.   Finally we’ve found something to sing and dance about.

C                     Am      Dm                             Bb   F

Finally we’ve got a chance to make amends.

C                     Am      Dm            G7

Finally we’ve got a life right before our eyes.

   F                 G

An ending.


2.   The closing act is set and the players have rehearsed their line.

All the band’s in tune but the songs are hard and fast.

We’ll pull the curtains back and settle down for the finale grand.

An ending.  This show is ending.


3.   Forget all the broken glass, and the storms that can cloud the mind.

The night will never be this cold and the sun will rise again.

A weary heart’s a treasure chest, one that’s filled with discovery and loss.

An ending.  Always ending.


4/C.   Finally we’ve found something to sing and dance about.

Finally we’ve got a chance to make amends.

Finally we’ve got a life right before our eyes.

An ending.  An ending







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