Promos, SoundCloud & Shortcomings

Over the past few months I’ve been slowly working on a wee bit of advertising and promos for the page and popping them up on my personal social media pages.  This has been an exhilarating and scary undertaking which has forced me to become very reliant on my chosen computer software and the various applications that are supported by aforementioned software.  This process has involved a lot of mistakes and false turns in both the recording process and the making of the videos that accompany my songs.  I don’t think my calling is in either of these fields but there is something fun and eye-opening in stumbling around and realising your limitations.  Hopefully this will remain the case and there will be noticeable improvements along the journey.

I thought that I would write a little post highlighting some of the links where I’ve included my work so far in the hopes that it may interest someone who loves to be creative with others and is looking to collaborate.  I’ve realised that the process never seems to be complete and improvements (whether that is through criticism or fresh ideas) are appreciated and welcomed.  I am very interested in the collaborations of a team environment that litter pop history and love the feeling of jamming and writing with others!  If this describe you or someone close to you then please get in contact!

The following are links to my Soundcloud and Youtube page:


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