Take Your Time

I’ve always been greatly interested in works of art that deal in the ordinary.  Sure, I love the fantastic and surreal, and letting my imagination get carried away in the amazing worlds created by writers, musicians and artists.  In this current cultural and political climate it seems to me that a bit of escapism is key to our sanity!  But the mundane, day-to-day grind and all the ecstasy and agony that is found within that spectrum is so engaging and vital.  For myself, I’ve always found that writing about subjects closer to home and personal experiences has been where I’ve found the most secure footing.  I’m not sure if I’m clever enough to build imaginary worlds full of amazing concepts and characters which is a shame cause one of my dream jobs has always been to be a writer on Doctor Who!

If I’m being honest with you all (and I endeavour to be as honest as possible) then I would have to say from the start that it has been a bit of a struggle to get this latest post up.  I’ve been playing around with this song for a while now and the best way to describe it would be that it’s fairly straight forward in its content.  The metaphor used throughout the song is pretty transparent so a lot of the content is revealing and though I’ve take a fair amount of artistic exaggeration, the struggles depicted hit close to home.  I can’t help but think of an episode from the latest season of the BBC’s comedy Uncle where Errol is tasked with writing a Fantasy short story that he completes as an exact retelling of the past few hours of Andy’s search for his girlfriend!  Some people are more comfortable in the familiar which makes sharing their work a little bit difficult. Maybe one day I’ll stumble onto a Terry Pritchard-like world but for now I’ll try my best to keep developing in this self-examination vein I’m in.

We find the couple in this song undertaking a task which I’ve never been partial to and a world that is foreign to my skills and knowledge, the world of gardening.  I know, so exciting!  I was always given the chore of pulling out the weeds around our home and would argue constantly the validity and point of this undertaking.  After all, the weeds would just grow back in time and what is the purpose really of double handling!  These would-be gardeners come from the same perspective; recently arriving into adulthood and the excitement that comes with that, they decide to construct and grow their own garden and produce.  For those of us without a green thumb, this task can seem endless and difficult.  All the frustrations and obstacles can wear down the most motivated of people and surely it seems to be easier to just abandon the project or tear it down.  Hours spent landscaping a boggy and inconsequential piece of land can become an exercise in patience and effort, and even the best of us can stumble and quit in the agony of sore backs and calloused hands.  It’s a first world problem, but the struggle and mental gymnastics required for the task at hand are universal to all.

Though the work is draining, the couple are still hopeful of working their way through the mud.  This strain of optimism tends to run through most of what I write.  I’d never describe myself as the most optimistic of people, but I love to think that happy endings can exist.  Maybe that’s a construct of fantasy in of itself and I should keep my dreams alive of moving to Cardiff as a Doctor Who writer!  I’m not naïve enough to think that everyone gets their fantasies fulfilled but I’m confident that our would-be gardeners, with determination, love and patience, can taste the fruits of their labour.   I’ll keep you updated!

Notes:  This song was a guitar riff to start with so most of the lyrics follow that original melody.  As a result of this and my own critical eye, I occasionally feel that the words present themselves as a fifth grade school poem.  As I usually state in this section, I hope to get the music up in some form but I’m struggling a bit at the moment with my musicianship.  It’s a fairly generic acoustic riff that forms the base of this song, I really took to the sustained notes and little finger add-ons of folk songs a few years back!  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page, talk soon!


Take Your Time

      C                                   G/B    Am7

1.   Those fields we cleared are now long overgrown;

Fsus2 F            G                       Am

So it goes, the world that we’ve known.

Csus2   C                              G/B          Am7

Two minds entwined now intangible threads.

Fsus2 F  G                     Am

It’s fine, please take your time


I don’t mind.

2.   Rushing about filling holes with cement;

The rain comes, now those holes are depressed.

No hint of sadness or joy, just despair.

The cracks in the road are starting to wear.

The work runs long.

      Am                           Fsus2          C

C.   My calloused hands, your aching back.

Fsus2       C                        Gsus       Gsus4

My mind’s intact and you’re gorgeous tonight.

Am                          Fsus2             C

I love you still and I know you love me,

Fsus2                 C                       G

So let’s fight this disease why we still have the time


3.   Our garden bed is weak and full of disease.

These poisoned weeds still growing like trees.

Our life’s a mess, we can’t cut through the vines.

But still we try, still fighting for time

to make things right.

4.   No elbow grease can remove all the moss

in our pond, the water feature’s a loss.

Our conversation is generic and strained;

Let’s work it out before we wash down the drain

this life we love.

C.   My calloused hands, your aching back.

My mind’s intact and you’re gorgeous tonight.

I love you still and I know you love me,

So let’s fight this disease why we still have the time.

5.   The bleak midwinter has killed our resolve;

We’ve fertilised and done as we’re told.

Let’s burn it down and make our escape,

Maybe we’re not built to landscape.

No, let’s start again.

          Am           Em                    F            C

R.   It’s never too late to plant the seeds of renewal

Em        F               G

now that we understand.

        Am             Em             F             C

We’re taking our time in this winter of turmoil.

  F               G                  C

A season of change is at hand.


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