Playground Love

G’day mate!  Sorry to push my Australian-ness onto you all but it’s been awhile since I left the country and it’s nice to get familiar again with the mother tongue.  It’s just about to turn cold here in London Town so I thought today might be nice to post a song that I always seem to come back to when the weather’s cold.  It’s funny how cold and rainy conditions provides a sense of melancholy and nostalgia, and one thing this little island does well is melancholy.

As I have mentioned on previous posts, I started writing as I came into my late teens/early twenties and pretty much ever since then I’ve been playing different versions of this song.  From memory it started out as a fairly simple chord progression that had no lyrics for the longest time.  It was the mournful tune I used to beat out on the piano when my mates had had enough of the rip-off grunge we were trying to recreate in the late 00’s.  Nothing extremely special musically (nothing of mine usually is) but it was relaxing to sit still and reacquaint myself with the mellowness of the piano.

Over a period of a few years the lyrics started to appear, and this theme of youth and ‘playground love’ started to emerge.  At first they dealt with a yearning to relive past memories that seemed consequential at the time, and to dwell in that alternative universe where things could have turned out different.  Not better necessarily, but different.  Which is insane really cause my life is better than I could have ever hoped as a ten year-old kid, but escapism seems to be the easier option when the bleak midwinter arrives.  Remembering a childhood running around with your childhood crush or playing cricket in the park is a welcome relief to the more pressing and stressful matters that arise in adulthood.  Plus I was still relatively young so that ‘golden’ age seemed a lot closer then it is now in my middle/late twenties. 

The current form that this song takes at this present draft (and I’m sure it will continue to change in future drafts) directly correlates with how I now meet my own personal past, not with yearning and fondness, but as a marker for my personal growth and evolution.  This plays into a whole multitude of other issues and ideas that have formed my outlook on life, and the difference of opinion I hold against my younger self.   So instead of being a snapshot into my glorified past, it’s more of a depiction of the journey, a part of the cathartic process of maturing and letting go.  I will forever look on my childhood and youth as an absolute treasure, and am so thankful for the love and support of my family who continue to be so vital to my growth and well-being.  I feel like now I am ready to embrace my past without wanting to escape to it, and cherish my present without the burden of nostalgia.

So, I present the lyrics and chord progression for a song entitled ‘Playground Love’.  If you would like to follow along, I normally play this song in a ballad manner at around 65-70 BPM.  Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you feel like you have any additions or constructive criticisms that will be beneficial or if you have thoughts or feelings on it.  Thank you so much for reading through these explanations, I hope that they aren’t too arduous.  I’m still debating with myself if they are necessary but I do like to discuss and talk about song meanings in general so for the foreseeable future I’ll continue to include them.  Talk soon!


Playground Love


       G                                                      Bm                 Am

1.   Our playground love was never meant to last;  Borrowed time can

           C                G                                              Bm

 disappear so fast.  We were just kids we had no sense to fail.

 Am                                              Em        D

 We were ourselves, no time to set our sails.

      G                                                         Bm            Am

2.   So many years when words meant everything, the lightest touch

                            C                      G                                   Bm

could make my memories sing.  This youthfulness is naive 

                   Am                                          Em       D

and vague.  I’d have it back to keep adulthood at bay.

                     C      D


       Em                                   D                C                                D

C.   The sun has set, don’t wanna go home.  Don’t wanna be

                           Em                D       C               D

alone but I can’t pretend.  

 Em                                    D      C                   D       Em   

Oh yesteryear, hear my regrets.  What time forgets

  G           C

I hold on to.


      G                                      Bm             Am        

3.   I had no quarrels in the late nineties, but I stood for you when

       C                          G                                     Bm

the boys would tease.  A battleground was the zoo at night.

Am                                                        Em     D

We were never tough but we would always fight.  


We’d always fight.

       Em                                   D                C                                D

C.   The sun has set, don’t wanna go home.  Don’t wanna be

                           Em                D       C               D

alone but I can’t pretend.  

 Em                                    D      C                   D       Em   

Oh yesteryear, hear my regrets.  What time forgets

  G           C

I hold on to.


       C                                       Em                                                 Bm

B.   They say to seize the day before our youth can’t comprehend


all the changes in our head.  We never stay the same.

 C                                    Em                                       Bm

Another day in paradise, nostalgias just another vice.


We never live the same life twice.  Everything must end.


Everything must end.

      G                                                          Bm                 Am

4.   The playgrounds gone, they pulled it down last year.  No past 

                                C                    G                                    Bm

regrets or hint of fate’s last tear.  I still remember all our little

              Am                                 Em            D            C

games; they live forever in our lifeblood’s veins.

       G                                                                         Em  D

O.   When we were young, when we were young.   x 3


        Am     Bm      C    



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