Love May Not Be The Answer

Welcome!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and check out my page dedicated to songwriting and music.  And if you’ve stumbled on here accidentally, I thank you so much for making me your 3 a.m hook up!  I’ve been tossing up for a few weeks now what form the first posting of my song ideas and sketches would take, and with there being a lot of turmoil and uncertainty in the air I wanted it to address the fears and doubts we all share in some way.  It’s not like the coming lyrics are going to solve any issues or be of much importance in the grand scheme of things, but these past weeks have been pretty insane globally and it’s given me pause for thought.

Around this time last year (2015) I awoke to the news of the Paris Attacks that had been carried out by the so-called Islamic State at various sites over the city.  I don’t know about anyone else, but these events suck me into a level of despair and shock that the only reasonable thing to do is follow the news for hours on end and absorb every little bit of morsel of information.  Frankly speaking, this one hit me hard.  I think it was in part due to the fact that a gig, a source of enjoyment and wonder for many of us, had been targeted and there was a sense of connection with the victims.  I have attended many sweaty shows where everyone is joined together as one with no room to move and felt the elation of the crowd in that explosion of sound and ecstasy.  So to not only imagine but read and witness the total inverse of that was quite disturbing.  It’s easy to fixate on an event that hits quite close to home like that, and that certainly doesn’t discount the atrocities that happen on almost a daily basis in the Middle East, or the earthquakes and natural tragedies that happen in places like Chile and Nepal.  I hope I’m not becoming to acclimatised to tragedy where it takes a simple connection like a rock concert to shake me up, I don’t think this is true.  But I was certainly impacted to write a song.

This song is also largely motivated by the discussions and debates I had been having with my best friend around the same time in regards to a range of simple and fun topics (see sarcasm) like immigration, religion, politics and culture.  Almost every week there was a murky issue that set us off on a course of rage and heated discourse.  If it wasn’t a charged world event, it was a conspiracy video.  Or a protest group rising up online and in the media trying to reclaim their long forgotten and misremembered past.  Stephen Colbert mentioned something quite telling in his recent sign-off on the US Election show he was hosting, the basic crux of the message being that we have become so bogged down in politicking every single issue, and not taking any time to relax from the poison that politics can be.  The effect is that any discussion between friends can become a battleground, and every comment section a landmine.  I definitely feel this strain in not just my own friendships, but in many families and social groups.

So, with all that in mind, I present my lyrics for a song I’ve called Love May Not Be The Answer.  I would say that it’s pretty perceptive of me to point out that the title is a little clunky!  I think it’s also fairly self-explanatory what side of the issues I firmly sit on, but this song isn’t really about choosing sides.  If anything it is a call to relax, to take stock of what we are doing to our personal lives, and more importantly, realise that we are all human and it should be our prerogative to look out for the disenfranchised and down-trodden however we can.  Let’s not forget that these “issues” very much deal with actual human beings who are no different to us.  I’m not really sure what the answers are and this set of lyrics is me at my most idealistic, but surely love is a better option than malice and hate.   

Notes:  I haven’t included any music at this time, but if any of you are interested I am more than happy to send a chord chart/lead sheet.  I’ve been playing it on an acoustic guitar in G in a folky manner with those typical runs through the sustained chords.  Hopefully down the road I will post something but in this case I don’t think the music arrangement is quite as important to the message of the song as the lyrics.  I’ve also included a bridge or chorus of sorts that I added a few months that very much takes its cue from Mr. John Lennon.  I’ve been including it as a tribute, and it also gives the song a bit of release.  I would love to hear your take on the message of the song, and any notes or addition you may have.  


Love May Not Be The Answer

1.   Love may not be the answer but the opposite won’t do.
Why scream and shout at each other when I’m just the same as you?
We’re more than our failings.  We’re more than our anger and war.
We’re more than our heartbreak, all human to the core.

2.   Love may not be the answer, it’s so trite and irrational.
One moment peace is the fashion soon damn lamentable.
Our moments of triumph are hampered or squashed straight out of the gates.
Our moments of weakness are magnets drawing hate.


3.   Love may not be an answer but what solution can you give?

Politics provides no direction, it’s not guide on how to live.
So make up your own mind.  Listen to the tremors of your heart.
We’re all failing together, no one is set apart.

C.   Imagine no more fighting.  Imagine no more pride.
Imagine no more conflict but a peace that’s far and wide.
Imagine no more anguish.  Imagine no more cries.
Imagine a better future.  It’s easy if you try

4.   Love may not be the answer but we can’t give up on it.
A lone wolf cannot accomplish, it takes a family to exist.
We need a connection, not more bullets and empty cause.
Some time of reflection, a moment of pause.

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